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The following files are all in PDF format:

Lecture Notes

Chapter 1: Measure Spaces and Measure
Chapter 2: Measurable Functions
Chapter 3: Lebesgue Integration
Chapter 4: Probability and Measure

Additional material on Product Measures and Fubini's Theorem for MAS451/6352

Additional Material

Review of Probability theory (without measure theory)

Supplementary material on how Riemann integration fits into the Lebesgue theory.

Supplementary material on Outer Measures (sometimes set for MAS451/6352, but not in 2018-19)

Exercise sheet

Exercise Sheet

Additional problems on Product Measures and Fubini's Theorem for MAS451/6352


To be posted.

Past Exams

level 3 2016-17 exam paper.
level 3 2017-18 exam paper.

level 4/MSc 2016-17 exam paper.
level 4/MSc 2017-18 exam paper.

Past exam solutions

level 3 2016-17 exam solutions.
level 3 2017-18 exam solutions.

level 4/MSc 2016-17 exam solutions.
level 4/MSc 2017-18 exam solutions.

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