London Mathematical Society Scheme 3 Group: Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis and Probability

This group was set up in 2012-13 by Dave Applebaum (Sheffield) , Niels Jacob (Swansea), Michael Ruzhansky (Imperial College),Eugene Shargorodsky (Kings College)

The purpose of the group is to explore techniques of modern mathematical analysis such as pseudo-differential operators and study their application to harmonic analysis and probability theory on Euclidean spaces, Lie groups and symmetric spaces.

List of Meetings Held

Imperial College, 12th December 2012 Microlocal Day 3

Swansea, 19th April 2013 Programme

Sheffield, 28th May 2013 Programme, Abstracts

Kings College London, 4th-5th July Analysis Workshop

The organisers would like to thank the London Mathematical Society for financial support.

Last updated July 2nd 2013.